About Us

We are a London based company that specialises in vintage deadstock sunglasses and frames from a bygone age our frames are sourced world wide and then shipped back to the UK, they go through a process of being ultrasonic cleaned before being sold to you the consumer.

 All of our products are new unworn (deadstock) a term used to describe merchandise of a latter period that was never sold to or used by consumers before being removed from sale, because of the nature of their age some of our sunglasses or frames may not come with their original packaging (sunglass case) if we don’t have the original sunglass case for the product we will provide a generic case noted in the item description on our website.

The company was formed in 2011 by our founder Owen Rose who himself was and still is a collector of Vintage Sunglasses, realizing there was a gap in the Uk market he then decided to turn his passion into a business the rest is history as they say!

Sighting a person across a crowded room wearing a Vintage Sunglass can be a conversation starter at any formal or informal event lets face it no pun intended first visual contact with people is not peering  down at a persons feet? the exclusivity of wearing vintage means no awkwardness of showing up at a function wearing the same sunglass as everyone else a complimentary remark about ones sunglass is a nice way of breaking the ice sure beats the old line ‘haven’t i seen you somewhere before?

‘No outfit is complete unless you're wearing a Vintage sunglass'

Owen Rose


Vintage Sunglasses London.


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